This is the tenth and final message leading up to the 2012 Winter Solstice. Go here to read my introductory post.

The message today is a simple but very powerful one that will place us in a position of creating the world we want and emerging as the person we wish to be:

Be Aware

Be Centered

Be Responsive

This is the ninth of 10 messages leading up to the 2012 Winter Solstice. Go here to read my introductory post.

Heal yourself was one of the simple and powerful messages today. While this is a difficult belief to accept without proof of some kind, I have experienced my body’s ability to heal itself when asked with faith and expectation. Understanding that the stress we have been living with for decades has increased the potential for dis-ease is the first step. Accepting that our physical body can shed this stress and heal the diseases it has acquired is a huge step that challenges us to see a different reality. The same is true of another message today. Reaching out to others to participate in a active and supportive community is an experience that is daunting to most of us. It’s an opportunity that is fleeting and seemingly impossible. How often have we reached out or put ourselves at emotional risk and been denied? Is this time another opportunity to do this with different results? Yes, it is. There is a birthing taking place. We may not be aware of it because it does not involve just a close friend or family member. It is not taking place in a hospital or supported by a midwife service. So, it may happen without us knowing about it. But the result will affect all of us. A new type of energy is entering our world. An energy that is available to all of us. If a birth notice was to be written, it would speak of the birth of twins; a girl and boy carrying the most developed DNA of the feminine and masculine coming into the world with the intent of creating balance and harmony. All we have to do is be open to this possibility and, if appropriate for us at this time, embrace and use it. The only question for us to answer is: There is a new ride at the local amusement park and do we want to go there and try it?

This is the eighth of 10 messages leading up to the 2012 Winter Solstice. Go here to read my introductory post.

We are creators. We create our reality every moment of each day. Every thought and feeling we have and every action we take forms a piece of our reality. Our world is a tapestry woven by the threads of life created by all living beings. This Time of Transition will shower the Earth with powerful, new energies dissolving much of this fabric of our lives. At the same time this energy, like a creative fire, will be available to us to create a new world. It is a time for us to be mindful of what is dissolving, to separate what we want to be and want to have and let go of the rest. If we remain aware of what we most want, it will be.

This is the seventh of 10 messages leading up to the 2012 Winter Solstice. Go here to read my introductory post.

The nature of time is changing. Our experience is that time is going by faster. Everything in our lives seems to speeding up. If we are aware of this quickening and adjust to it by creating periods of quiet, centered time in each day, we will experience more control of our lives. To create these periods of centeredness, we need to quiet our thoughts and stop listening to the constant chatter that accompanies our every waking moment. By letting them go by without being attached to them, fertile ground for creating what we want will appear. If we work this soil a few times a day, we will be able to grow a new life.

This is the sixth of 10 messages leading up to the 2012 Winter Solstice. Go here to read my introductory post.

This Winter Solstice is a time of birthing. The energy that is present will release the gift we have brought with us for the world. Perhaps it has been stored away in a basement or closet of our mind, perhaps it has been gradually unfolding for a while covered by the daily press of our lives, perhaps we have no idea now what it is or where we put it long ago. Now, however, it is ready for us to reveal. This readiness and yearning will cause stress in our life if we are not yet fully ready. But this gift can no longer be concealed and stored away for some future time. We will enter the new year with a strong urge to be fully ourselves.

Conflict is necessary to clear away the obstacles that prevent us from being who we are and living our lives fully. If necessary, we must be ready to sustain the effort to make difficult changes. At times it will feel that the fight is lost but we have been here before. While we may have not yet won the current battle, we are not defeated and will continue to go on and discover the way for us to be successful.

This is the fifth of 10 messages leading up to the 2012 Winter Solstice. Go here to read my introductory post.

This is a time of preparation. The Cosmos will pause to breathe out and create space for the new. Identify the things, people, thoughts, perspectives that you are ready to leave behind. Create the space for the new and the now. Listen to the Cosmos, listen to the little voice within you. Nurture and create. Plant the beginnings of what you want now so you can harvest after the Solstice.

This is also a time of crisis, a crisis of faith. We all will feel some vulnerability that will test our faith and personal strength. Go through this crisis guided by one’s intuition and feelings. This journey is through the last stages of darkness as it gives way to the light. There is the danger of falling asleep to avoid the fear that seems to surround us. This fear will be seen as the illusion it is if we are able to remain focused on the messages from our dreams, intuition and heart.

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The three messages for today are truly intended for me because while I fully believe in each of them and embrace them, there are many days I don’t put these beliefs into practice. The first is to continually say as clearly as I am able what I want. How can anyone – friends, family, strangers – or the Cosmos respond if these desires are held close to my heart and secret? The second is to choose the people I want to spend my time and energy – my life – with consciously and with intent. I know this does not mean to leave everyone else out of my life. I help strangers like everyone else does but I also spend a lot of my life putting up with negative, draining energies of people I don’t like as well as people I love. The message for me is to keep this time to a minimum. So what can I do with the extra time this may leave for me? One way is to concentrate on the big rocks in my life. If my life is a container and my experiences are rocks, I can fill my container the fullest by choosing the big (read important) rocks first. The remaining space is more easily filled by smaller – less important – rocks. How many times do I let myself become overwhelmed with all the small rocks? It’s enough times that this message comes through to me again and again. Writing is a big rock for me a this time but there are more to choose and that is what I’m going to do now.

This is the third of 10 messages leading up to the 2012 Winter Solstice. Go here to read my introductory post.

Intent is the embers of the new flame burning in the world at this time. Our intent has always influenced our world in every way. Perhaps it has been so subtle as to go unrecognized by us. Perhaps we have often denied it in the hope of not being responsible for what may happen. Yet, our intent is the vital energy that flows through our blood and our chakras. It is always present and always active. During this time of great transitions, our intent will manifest itself more fully. It is a time to learn how to recognize and be more aware of this urge within ourselves. Being part of intentional communities with friends, family and others is a safe place to practice being aware of our gifts, desires and wishes. The Tarot energy for today is the Nine of Cups signifying a time of wish fulfillment. Say what you intend and what you want so that it may come to fulfillment with the intent of others.

This is the second of 10 messages leading up to the 2012 Winter Solstice. Go here to read my introductory post.

Acceptance is the door to opportunity. Our world and all living things in it have their unique energies that are mixed with ours to continually create and recreate it. To claim our essence is to immerse ourself in this flow of energy and realize we have the power to say yes or no to any of the possibilities of change it offers us. Fear blocks the flow. Acceptance allows it to flow around and through us. We get to continually choose who we are. There will be some disruption as we pass through this gateway. It will be manifested in the world as the Earth shudders out of its slumber as it has been doing for some time. And it will also be manifested in us and others as we allow ourselves to become more aware and react to the quickening of time and the overwhelming possibilities to renew our journey and create the life we have wanted for so long. This disruption however is the realization of change brought by the surprise of a special gift from a friend, the amazing turn of fortune in sporting events, the squealing of children as the run outside and the offer of love we did not expect. It is time to embrace it and your essence.

This is the first of 10 messages leading up to the 2012 Winter Solstice. Go here to read my introductory post.

Look for the possibilities and opportunities that are available for you now not in your behavior today or that of others but in the entire arc of your life from its beginning. Go beyond what you believe to be your mistakes and failings for they are temporary. See the path you have taken despite the disruptions and distractions of life for it still beckons to you now. Along this path will be the gifts and treasures of this time of great awakening. The thunderbolt of fire with its energy of change has already struck and the disruption in your life has taken place. What you had to lose is gone. What has held you back remains no longer. A steady flame burns now. It is a source of the energy for you to use to renew your life and continue on the path you chose long ago.